Global Copy and Frozen Tracks

Why, oh, why isn’t Cubase clever enough to understand that frozen track ranges should simply be moved or copied.

It’s as if we don’t even have a Global Copy (for a project of any complexity that would have to have frozen tracks).

Unfreeze the tracks, one by one, with annoying dialog prompting along the way and enjoy watching the computer crash, which is why you froze the tracks to begin with.

It’s a nightmare.

I have a love affair with Cubase and keep coming back to her, but if the whole frozen track batch operation, rearrange while frozen, workflow killing dialogs nexus of features and problems hasn’t even begun being addressed in v8, I’m gonna have to take Studio One out on more dates.

A simple smiley face from a Steinberg employee hinting at even the possibility of it being address soon, would ease my suffering.

There, I said it. Had to get that off my chest.

Crawls back to his Cubase project and prepares for a all-nighter of freezing and unfreezing tracks that don’t need to be frozen or unfrozen, really

You are right.
Maybe you should post in Feature request?

Thanks, good suggestion. These features have been asked for, for years, but I just did it again: