Global copy problems

When i make a global copy and paste it before existing midi and tempo events, the tempo and some time some of the events ( not in every track ) move from they original positions. This global paste mess up the hole session after the point of insertion. I thing the problem is from version 9 and i have it now in 10.


Could you please write step by step description?

Step 1. I make a big project with a lot of markers and tempo changes.
Step 2. I make some edit in some of the mmm tracks-markers. I do global copy of 2 or more bars and paste them. I do Global Cut Time some bars for make some tracks shorter.
When i do that at some point of the time line, in every project the point is different, some time markers some time some ( not every one ) events are moved from there Grid position.
Here i make a video to see :

The global copy and paste i make was on the 1 marker, the beginning of the session. Everything after 18 marker is moved, The markers and some tracks are on grid, but some of the Instruments tracks, not all of them, are moved.

Any news about getting this weird thing around?
I’m using Cubase 10 and I’m STUFFED with events at “xx.xx.xx.119”. Also, the problem gets bigger when you have tracks in linear time: you can get unpreditcable results.