Global Find and Replace

Am I right that it’s not yet possible to perform global Find and Replace… e.g. change all B’s to B♭’s?

I know I could set a D minor key signature, select all and then respell the B’s by moving every note up once and down once. Is this the only way, though?


I’m afraid at the moment it is not possible to filter notes by pitch. This is planned for the future.

Thanks, Daniel; moving everything up and down again hasn’t failed yet in the meantime :slight_smile:

Global (or Flow-by-flow) “find and replace” function would be awesome, as suggested by MarkSealey above; it would be a real time-saver. Any chance that functionality has made its way into a recent update? Thanks.

I just discovered a filter that achieves basically the same thing: “filter notes by pitch”.
And when I made it a key-cmd “control-option-P” it simplified things even more :grinning: