Global Font size "Default text" setting and auto save?


I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to change the default font size globally.

I did this in both engraving “Paragraph” and “font style” but, even though all are set to font size 10, none of these are overriding the font size when I go and press SHIFT + X I see a different font size from what I have programmed.

And whilst I love autosave, I am hoping that the autosave action can be sped up. I think it’s a 3-second delay right now. Just wondering if this might be addressed with a new update?

Many thanks again for any assistance. It’s appreciated.


Text input with Shift X uses the Default Text Paragraph Style. If you have changed that Style, then that’s what you should get (and existing text should change size too). If not, please upload a sample document. (Save as small a file as possible - you may need to use the Silence Playback Template. Then zip it and upload.)

Thank you Ben,

I have also noticed that when I move from my custom scores back into full scores and observe the font size, there is such irregular behaviour. The changes I made to the font size, now appear different when I revert back to my full score.

Here is a screen shot. But in my full score, there appears to be random changes and now I see default text font changed to a 7.2 settting?

I am basically wanting to add directions such as “non legato” “molto pesante” and using the default text sytem to apply these. Should I be looking at another pop over? The dynamics pop does not give that to you.

Thanks Ben,


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That font size is set to be staff-relative. If the staff size is different in different layouts, the text fonts will scale accordingly. If you set a staff-relative font to be 10.0, it will only be 10.0 when attached to a 20pt stave (~7mm).

P.S. You can’t add these as a dynamic without also adding an immediate dynamic. You can hide the dynamic after the fact, though. For instance, type Shift+D ff molto pesante Enter, then untick the “show intensity marking” property.

[OT remark]
This makes me think of an “improvement”, at least for me : I use the dynamics prefix and suffix a lot, and one thing that strikes me is that whenever I choose to uncheck “Show intensity marking”, the alignment turns to center, and I need to change it every time to left align. Is it possible to tell Dorico that my default when show intensity marking is unticked IS left aligned ? Or could it be changed, if this is something I cannot do myself? In those past years, that’s some time wasted… :wink:

I’d rather the Shift+D popover was relaxed in order to allow these sorts of markings to be entered without an intensity marking, Marc :wink:

Yes, this is precicely my experienec also Marc.

I wanted to guage whether it was a “user issue” from my side or a posible improvement that could be explored in future updates.
Thanks for chiming in.

“A work flow with the highestlevel of efficency” is the name of the game for my situation right now as I am spending 14 hour days with this program so I am grateful for any helpful short cuts to avoid wasteing time.