Global Hotkeys

Hello there,

this is the scenario right now:
When I use hotkeys in Cubase (Windows OS), but focus a plugin window, then the hotkey does not work anymore.
This applies to the default hotkey “Go to Project Start” (Num .) for instance and slows down workflow.

The following would be nice to have for future versions:
It would be handy to be able to use Cubase (i.e. playlist) hotkeys even when I have a plugin window focused.

Kind regards and happy composing,

+1… i’d like to see in the keycommands a lil tab next to each to make it, focused only or always.

For instance i’d like to temp mute the midi track i’m currently editing (quite like solo) but with out leaving focus.

Just been able to make them all non focused would do for now.


automatic focus on key command or key command apply without focus would be awesome

I agree ! the mouse position should do the focus, without having to click on the corresponding window !



Actually I was going to post the same request.

For example: I have key commands to locate to the Previous/Next Bar, and Preview/Next Beat set up.

While in the project window or key editor, they work fine. As soon as a plugin / VSTi window is the foreground window, strangely both Previous commands trigger previous bar, and both Next commands trigger next bar. What’s going on here?

It actually appears to be a bug, and not a feature request.