Global input settings for tracking

I have been using cubase from the beginning of sx. I would love to have inputs that are global instead of per session. This would make tracking much smother. Currently the input setting are saved with the session, which is good, but it would be great to have inputs available from session to session. I know a template could work, but that saves other things as well.
Also it would great if the input presets remembered the hardware settings. Most of the time when I load a preset I need to redo the hardware settings.


Control Room Inputs and Output busses are global. So you could use External Inputs.

What do you mean? You can assign audio inputs in the control room to use in audio tracks?


Yes. Add External Input in the Control Room. Then you can set this add an unit of your audio track.

It says there are only 6 available. I have 32 inputs in my system. I would to a set of inputs that are global. also why do my input presets loose my hardware connections. This has always happened.