Global mixer templates/settings

Everytime when opening older pre-7 Projects I have to go through the same process of customizing the mixer window again and again.
Suggestion: Like practically everywhere else in Cubase there should be a possibility to save and load global mixer settings.
It should at least include:

  • rack visibility
  • rack settings
  • channel type visibility
  • visibility configuration (of channel types)
  • channel width and rack height settings

Yes, for new projects I can set up the templates, but I have several and changing global settings means going through all templates.
Just make it a preset system like in “key commands” or “audio connections”, I can save my favorite settings there and load them anywhere I want to.

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Yes!, Yes!, Yes!
Exactly what I was going to propose.

Global mixer settings incl. channel width etc.
Now if you have separate settings for Input channels vs Groups they have the same number of channels which is not optimal.

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Good one! +1

+1 … ahem… 2020

+1 ffs


YES! I’m going to spend a vote on this, and I suggest others do as well to get it on the Steinberg radar screen. FWIW, there is a bug I’ve been trying to hunt down with Steinberg support where channel fader width settings aren’t always saved with a project, which means I routinely have to mess around with the channel width settings when I load a new project, just to have the faders at the right width for that particular project. Being able to save mixer layouts generically across projects would make this a lot easier!