Global Modifier(s)

Is there any global commands or modifiers to arm all tracks, solo, mute, input monitor, etc in Cubase or Nuendo? I know you can select all tracks, and hold option+shift and use “Q-Link” make groups, and put things in folders as well as make macros with PLE to toggle arm, mute, solo, etc. But that is a lot of extra macros and settings to do for each one of those.

Plus when you have audio and MIDI tracks selected Opift (Option+Shift (⌥⇧)) + click arm only does the audio or MIDI tracks.

The other downside is I really like the logical behavior if you have a couple of tracks armed (soloed, muted, input monitored, etc.) and a others not armed if I hold down option in Pro Tools and click on an unarmed track then they all (MIDI, Instrument and Audio tracks) go into armed. If I click on one that IS armed then they all go into unarmed. This way I don’t have to wonder if they are armed or not I just look at one and know they are all the same withholding that modifier. I would not want them to toggle their current state in other words and instead make all the tracks like what the current track is just set to.


No, there is no Global Arm All Tracks, Solo, Mute… You can add all tracks to a folder and then Arm/Solo/Mute the folder.

Okay, thanks for the reply, that is unfortunate always room for improvement. I hope Steinberg adds this somewhat basic, simple and extremely useful feature to their software.