Global Note-Pad-Editor

Sometimes i wish i had a global note-editor directly within Cubase, where i can directly write all of the notes, which effects i maybe want to apply, and other global Informations about the current song/project.

Of course, we got the ability to make notes within Mixconsole or already in the Inspector, but this is just for one specified channel. I even got the option to load a Note-Programm, parallel in the task process of my Operation System, but it´s sometimes annoying to go this way around. I also know the ability of Programs such as Evernote, where you can directly note something into the focused task, but at least the resulting note-file is not stored within the Cubase-Project, when i don´t take it manually after in this. by the way i´m also instructed on this way to the corresponing host-application, so if i take my Project to another PC or Laptop, which one doesn´t got installed the associated Application, i won´t be able to look, what or which notes i´ve made to achieve now, for example in a Studio.

The only way left is, to scribe it all down to the Note-Editor of any track in the related Inspector-tab.

Thanks for Listen.

Maybe you are looking for the project notepad that is found when you choose Project>Notepad. BTW… I never used it so I’m not sure if notes are saved for each separate project. I would assume they would but… who knows. Please report back if it does or not. Thanks

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It’s all about Cubase manual. I couldn’t find any word about Project Notepad though I always knew it exists.

Yes, for every project you’ve got separate notepad.


Someone at Steinberg…

Please make note of this and add it to your tasks to improve the Cubase Operation Manual content.

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oh man, i´m a little bit in trouble the last time. yes, this is exactly what i have wanted.
Forget this thread. Read in the manual could not find there,too.

Thank you