Global stack?

Why can’t having a global stack? For example I insert a bass that for all the show uses the same plugin to be amplified

  1. Start VL, Create Project
  2. Menu / Part / Create Global Part
  3. Select Global Part
  4. Select STACKS and create a Stack

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Ok, but following procedure you indicated me I can’t create even global layer:

  1. create new project (by default is created a song with a part and thisone is selected)
  2. from menu: part->create global part (a global part is created and selected because it’s green, but also part 1 is selected and so green)
  3. click on + with selected the layer view: at this point is created a layer for part 1, not for global part and if I click on “globals” at left I can’t select the global part

Same for stack (also in stck view is missing button to hide or show global stack eventually created)

Checking right now…

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You are correct, will fix very soon. for now, use arrow keys to select Global Part.

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