Global track reset?

Hey guys!

I’m looking within Cubase 11 for a way to use the track reset function… across ALL tracks. I’m trying to zero out the project basically, and all I’m finding is the standard track reset function, track by track. I have hundreds of tracks here, so I’m kind of wondering if there’s an easier / faster way?


What exactly do you mean by “Track Reset”, please?

Do you know the Reset MixConsole Channels function from the MixConsole?

Then you can also select all tracks, right-click, choose Select All Events and press delete.

Or you could use Project Logical Editor Preset:

Filter Target
( Container Type Is | Equal | Part | Or
 Container Type Is | Equal | Event )

Action Target

Ah, so I guess it’s when you click the “e” button on an individual track or group channel. It pulls up the EQ, the Sends, Inserts, etc. Upper right hand corner there is an arrow that if you click on it, it will pop up a menu, on that menu is “Reset Channel.” If you click that, it wipes out everything you’ve done to that track in terms of EQ, sends, volume, panning, etc, and brings everything back to zero.

I was just wondering if there was a way to do that, but to ALL channels in the project in one fell swoop. Could I use the logical editor for that? I will admit that the logical editor is a bit intimidating :slight_smile:

As Martin said, Reset Mixconsole Channels (Functions Menu).

Reset MixConsole Channels

Allows you to reset EQ, insert, and send effect settings for all or selected channels. Solo and mute buttons are deactivated, the volume fader is set to 0 dB, and pan is set to the center position.

ok wow!! I was not aware of this! :slight_smile: thank you so much!