Global Track

I’d like to know if anyone can shed some light on what Global Tracks are please.

Are they a way to manipulate tempo and time signature events, or else markers; while being within the key and/or other editors, i.e., do Global Tracks operate in the drum map, for example?

Cheers and it’s great to see the program getting bigger, better and brighter!


Yes, absolutely. You can add or edit the events the very same way you can do in the Project window.

Global Tracks are in the Key Editor only (not other editors) and only if you use it in the separated window (not in the Lower Zone).

Hi Martin,

Do you know if a Marker Track can be included in the list of Global Tracks?


Yes, all Markers can be included in the list of Key Editor’s Global Tracks.

I often use an additional Marker Track to keep time-based notes for a Project, e.g. fix voc edit, start strings here, etc. And I kind of stopped thinking of it as a Marker Track and more like a ‘Notes’ Track. Was pleasantly surprised when I opened the Key Editor and realized I could now see those notes.


Yes, I also use one of the Marker tracks as ToDo list in my projects. :wink:

What about sample editor?
There is no way to setup a global tracks in there isn’t it?

kind regards


No, this is not possible, sorry.

I don’t get it…
What’s the Idea behind this design?
There is neither quantize grid (like in midi editor) nor global tracks in sample editor
Audio does not deserve to be edited in comfort?
Just thinking out loud.

kind regards

Disclaimer: I have no knowledge about actual development plans for Cubase, but we can infer some things based on history.

There have long been requests on the forum to have Marker Tracks, Chord Tracks and the like in the Key Editor. So Steinberg does that and calls them Global Tracks. Now that they’ve produced what folks asked for, it seems likely they will expand where Global Tracks can exist in future releases. Steinberg seems to introduce new capabilities in a limited fashion and then expand that over time.

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