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OK, finally found the time to do the 3.5 upgrade.

I’m a little confused about the new local vs global property functionality. I think I understand how it works, but I’m not seeing an option to make a specific feature (such as gradual style of hairpins) global by default (so that any change is by default reflected in other layouts). Did I understand that right? If so, that would not really be a step forward, in my opinion, and hence a bit disapointing.

Dear JustusR,
The option about hairpins is already there and for a long time… I mean, if I enter a hairpin in my full score, it will reflect on all the parts. That was not the case in Dorico 1, back in october '16. Dorico followed the Engraving options rule you choose for gradual dynamics.
The point in the global/local feature implemented here is more granular that what you are looking for — I’m thinking the appropriate workflow for your question would be
• Change an option in Engraving options
• Select all the appropriate elements (here, hairpins)
• Reset appearance (so that all selected elements get the option selected in Engraving options)
I hope I understood your problem and that it somewhat helps a little !

Hi Marc,

Hmm, not really sure I follow exactly what you’re saying. I entered the game with Dorco 2 (on trial) and Dorico 3.0 (purchased), so don’t have the historic perspective.

To clarify where I’m coming from (and this has been discussed on this forum before): in my belief parts and scores should always be the same, unless the user explicitely rules otherwise. So if I type in a gradual dim or change an existing one, I would like to have the option that it automatically updates all the other layouts (unless I specifically ask not to). In Dorico 3 you had to “propagate properties” every time (in stead of that being default behaviour), and now you seem to have to click global everytime. That’s not really the change that I hoped (and asked) for. Personally, I think “my way” should be the default behaviour anyway, but failing that, at least there should be a user-preference to make certain properties global by default.

The downside of this (and the previous) version is that there’s an extra key-click involved, and worse, if you forget to do that, things become very difficult to unravel, particularly if linked dynamics come into play. The progress that I do acknowledge is that gradual dynamics no longer behaves as a toggle (in the past, if they were different in two lay-outs, if you changed one, the other changed in the opposite direction!)

You don’t have to click global “every time”. At the right edge of the properties panel there is a global/local toggle. Set it to global and leave it there until you need to edit something on a local basis.

Ah, Ok. Sorry, I misread the update document, and now I understand. SO that slide is exactly what I want then: slide it to the right and never touch it again :slight_smile:. Thanks for that, guys, sorry for the confusion.

I would caution against simply setting ‘Set local properties’ to ‘Globally’ and never thinking about it again, because local properties include things like nudging items around in Engrave mode, so if you have it set to ‘Globally’ any nudge you make to e.g. a playing technique or a slur’s control point will also be reflected in every other layout, which may or may not be want you want.

The way I think it is that it’s normally useful to have the toggle in the “Global” position when I’m in Write mode, and switch it to “Local” then in Engrave mode, with the logical exceptions where needed. When you go to start tweaking the layouts, specially graphic positioning, be sure to switch to local mode.

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The remaining question in my mind is:

What is the purpose of the toggles on the left hand side of the Properties panel?

Am I the only one to find the two sets of toggles confusing?


Here’s the documentation for the Properties panel, which explains the different functions available at the top of it.