Global VST Connection Presets

Is there a reason Cubase does not have something like a global VST Connections preset option? There are presets available in some of the sub-sections, but a global preset menu would make common tasks much quicker.

Simple example: A basic studio connection might involve certain input/output channels and a certain Control Room configuration. Loading your basic connection setup into an empty project could be a simple two-click process, rather than diving into tabs and selecting multiple presets. Why go to three separate tabs and select load three separate presets, when you are essentially setting up for a single scenario that would be more intuitively served by a single master preset?

Less simple example (one that I encounter often): You use hardware inputs/outputs for different functions during tracking versus mixing, and reconfigure physical connections via a patchbay. You want to use all your hardware inputs for input channels during tracking, but you want to use inputs 15 and 16 for an external effect return during mixing. If you leave the inputs active for both an input buss and an effect return, the project (when re-loaded) will default to connecting the input buss to the hardware input, even if the effect return was active during the last save (which is already slightly odd, but not a huge deal). Why not be able to save “Tracking” and “Mixing” master presets in VST Connections that could contain exclusive connections to hardware ins/outs? (I.e. the Tracking preset would have hardware inputs 15 and 16 routed to only the input buss(es) and no external effect, and the Mixing preset would have those inputs routed to only the external effect return and not the input buss(es).)

The point is that if you are reconfiguring stuff, you are often needing to reconfigure the whole setup to accomodate a different purpose, and allowing a fast way to reset all the connections from a single drop-down preset menu would be far better than the current system that only allows presets for individual sub-sections (and doesn’t even allow presets at all for some sections, notably External Effects, which I use–and reconfigure…MANUALLY–quite often).

Any thoughts on this, or workarounds from users who also reconfigure their connections fairly often?