Global workspace not so global?


I might not understand how workspaces work but technically, if I save a workspace as a global workspace, I expect it to be available in all of my sessions … but that’s not the case :frowning: It’s annoying to have to change the workpace every time I open a older session. It would also be nice if it could include the mixer settings. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong or if I just don’t understand what global workspaces are :S

Do you have Auto Instantiate presets checked?

Same here. I thought it was just my own private world of torment. :unamused:

Somewhere in the logical brain of Mr Cubase their is a difference between ‘Workspaces’ and 'Workplace Resets (global) but it has eluded me. :blush:

We created a 'Workplace Preset (Global)" with the mixer windows how we would like during tracking. :slight_smile:

It is marked ‘1’ ‘Main’ with an ‘x’ in the locked column. :slight_smile:

When we open an existing project their is a different mixer setting. :confused:

In Workspaces 1. Main the box does not have an x. ??? :astonished:

We select 'Workspace Presets (Global) press apply and now we have the mixers just like we want! :slight_smile:

what we would prefer is to be able to open a project, press alt 1. and have the mixer settings work. :confused:

Confused? You are not the only one. Sorry. :neutral_face:

If you want to have your favourite workspaces available in every new project you have to include them in your project template. Move them from a project where you have set them up the way you like them, over to the Global side. Then open up your template, or start a new project, move them back to the Project side and save as Template. Now they will be available the way you like them in all your new projects. You’ll have to move them back over from Global and save in any projects prior to the new template.

Basically they have to be in the Project (left side) box.

Hi ulesto, this is incorrect.

It’s true that the logic of how the workspace presets work is weird. (Though it is explained in the manual. :imp: )

Once you create some workspaces and you have saved them as Global Presets and provided you check Auto Instantiate Presets they will be available in all new projects. There is no need to save them in a template. In fact saving them in a template will confuse the issue if you ever edit those global presets.

Global workspaces reside in the Cubase settings folder in Window Layouts.xml

Project presets are saved with the project.

This is really one of the things you have to read the manual for because it is not intuitive at all (at least to me)

thx for the replies!! I read the manual before opening that thread and I was more confuse after :S I noticed you guys are always saying “if you want them in your NEW project” … so does the global workspaces only apply to new projects and not old ones? I tried with Auto Instantiate on and off and the old project aren’t loading my global workspaces properly :frowning:

Like I said, Auto Instantiate is for new projects. I put it in italics and bold so it would stand out. :wink:

If you want to bring your global presets into an existing project you have to use the arrows to move the Global Presets to the Workspaces side. Make sure you are not confusing Project Presets with Global Presets.

The manual is correct, but it takes a couple reads to get it perhaps.

After reading the manual several times and trying to use what I’ve read there I still do not get how to apply workspaces to older projects.

Is this possible at all? :confused:

In the older project make sure the presets are Global Presets.

In the newer project
-Open the Workspace window, those global presets will be there.

-On the right side make sure Workspace Presets (Global) is shown. If not, look below and deselect “Show Project Presets”

-Select all the presets on the right side, and hit the ‘<’ to copy them to the left side.

Thanks for the explanation and the video, it works indeed like this.

glad it helped. :slight_smile: