Global Workspace not working properly - 9.5

So, Workspaces worked properly in version 9 but since I upgraded to version 9.5, it is not working properly. I tried with old project and new. Same case.

Each time I open any project, it does not even open itself in its last view. It opens a kind of default view of 9.5. I tried the preferences tab too. But no improvement.


Check your preferences settings: General > Open Project in Last Used View.

Yes, did that too, did not work either.

What settings do you have here?


Could you try in Safe Start Mode, please?

I did. But not working either. By the way, I tried it with my laptop where it seems it works well. But in desktop mode, I tried so many different things including uninstalling every Steinberg software including registry and then a fresh installing of 9.5. Nothing works. But thank you for your suggestions.