Global Workspaces forget Zoom & Position setting (How to)

From Cubase 9 Steinberg change workspaces to remember zoom and position. I manage to solve that by import global workspaces (and also project workspaces) from 8.5.

Scenario: You work on drums on small section in arrangement and let say you have “Drums and few plugins workspace” you zoomed and positioned to that desired section you working on and when you engage mentioned workspace (or any other) it focus you on zoom and position where you added that WS, and suddenly you find yourself scrolling and zooming to section you worked again and again.

For me in 90% cases its completely illogical WS to remember zoom and pos where your workspace is focused on mixer or 1 or 2 plugins and especially editing. What are your thoughts on this?

So till Steinberg makes option to workspace remembers or forget zoom for certain workspaces here is workaround:

  1. Open in text editor Windows Layouts.xml from Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64\Presets
  2. Find name of your global workspace (Grada Default in this example)
  3. Scroll down and locate “PArrangeWindow” (depends of workspace sometimes you have to scroll a bit more)
  4. Below PArrangeWindow you will find “AttrDefaultVersion” value=“1”
  5. Change value of “AttrDefaultVersion” from “1” to “0”

Here is screenshot:

Note: This works only on global workspaces, for Project workspaces i tried to xml/hex edit and I found similar line but without luck :frowning:
Maybe someone who is more experience with xml can manage to get project workspaces forget zoom and position?

Hope you find this handy :slight_smile:



Hey Grada

It’s almost a year later and I have just found this post and yes, it was very handy - many thanks!!

U welcome, i really hope Steinberg wont screw this in future updates like they did with sample replacement via mediabay causing me to stay on 10.5.12… Well probably forever.

awesome trick ! I really needed this.
Many thanks


Great Stuff!
Is the xml fix working with the newer version´s workspaces or I must tweak an C8 workspace (I don´t have it installed)

You have to do this on every workspace you set (or update) :slight_smile:

WHAHAA!!! This still works in CB11 :slight_smile:

big thanks for this!

all we need now is an XML that prevents CB from setting this to “1” with every workspace update hehe

Yes I still use this. Lately Steinberg keeps removing things without notifying nor documenting with each update. Always scared when install new version, hope they won’t remove this workaround if they not plan to implement it better. :roll_eyes:

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Can confirm this works in Nuendo 11 as well, thank you!

This is a “feature” that makes absolutely no sense in Global Workspaces, if all projects are not the exact same length/same amount of channels. Which they never are. I’d say 99% of cases, this function has no purpose, and is just annoying.

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WOW! totaly missed out on this one. Thanks A LOT! Finally global workspaces work like they should for me. No more scrolling back to the track I was working on, no more resetting snap every time I change workspaces.
Works on 12.0.6

Is there news from Steiny to fix this “problem”?

Maybe an entry in prefs?

Im a bit tired of manually editting :slight_smile:
and I have a feeling its not really stable for me to edit the xml, video glitches when switching workspaces after editting XML file on Windows AND mac

still handy in 2023…thanks

In Cubase 13 this appears to change my maximized windows so it’s not working how I hoped. Will look into the XML file and see if I can figure out what’s changing it but if anyone knows the solution before I find it, would be appreciated.

Steinberg, please add this option to the workspace settings windows. If I’m focused on a section 100 bars into my song and need to change the workspace, I don’t like that it takes me back to the beginning. It’s almost faster to just do things manually in some cases.

Edit: It looks like to resolve the issue for me was to instead of changing the AttrDefaultVersion value, to change this whole section under the SubViews list:

                  <list name="SubViews" type="list">
                        <int name="Position" value="307"/>
                        <int name="View Depth" value="10"/>
                  <float name="Zoom Left" value="0"/>
                  <float name="Zoom Right" value="0"/>
                  <float name="Zoom Factor" value="0"/>

I had to remove the values in the three Zoom sections at the bottom, and remove everything else in the sub views except for that specific Position and View Depth part. I’m not sure what that is referring to specifically, but it looks to be behaving the way I want it to now.

Original Contents:

                  <list name="SubViews" type="list">
                        <member name="LayoutPersistence">
                           <list name="ChannelInspectorViewContainer" type="obj">
                              <obj class="URect" ID="673774496">
                                 <int name="L" value="0"/>
                                 <int name="T" value="0"/>
                                 <int name="R" value="76"/>
                                 <int name="B" value="613"/>
                              <obj class="URect" ID="673774544">
                                 <int name="L" value="0"/>
                                 <int name="T" value="621"/>
                                 <int name="R" value="76"/>
                                 <int name="B" value="1151"/>
                        <int name="View Depth" value="9"/>
                        <int name="Position" value="307"/>
                        <int name="View Depth" value="10"/>
                  <float name="Zoom Left" value="91.5253233049299836920909001491963863372802734375"/>
                  <float name="Zoom Right" value="221.667643486026435084568220190703868865966796875"/>
                  <float name="Zoom Factor" value="0.043438691649231128688590786168788326904177665710449"/>