Glockenspiel transposing instrument

Glockenspiel doesn’t transpose… Concert pitch and transposed pitch is still the same, not 1 octave below. A Bug?

Thanks, Jürgen

Does it playback at the correct pitch (an octave higher than printed)?

Concert pitch shouldn’t show it any different to Transposed pitch. That’s not a bug; that’s convention.

For instruments which transpose in octaves, there’s indeed no difference in notation (see also piccolo & double bass/contrabass).

I have the same problem.
When I play what should be a C4 on my keyboard the glockenspiel sound from Halion understands it as a C2. Very annoying.

Hi, carsten.

This has been discussed here several times if I recall correctly.
The solution is to open your Halion instance and do the transposition there. (I think it’s either a transpotition knob that can be turned or you can edit octave transposition directly.)

The glockenspiel sounds 2 octaves higher than written. Dorico is correct here. A written C4 foIr glock will SOUND as C2. There are, of course, different systems of pitch identification designating middle C; in one, middle C is C1, for example. It is my understsnding that the most common usage identifies middle C as C4. Regardless the system, the glock sounds 2 octaves higher. It loses its character when transposed to a lower octave, I think. Not wanting to offend here😉

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Are you saying that in your world a C2 is higher than a C4 on the piano?
That’s not the way I’ve learned it.

When you enter a note in Dorico with the mouse or via the laptop/desktop keyboard, Dorico registers the written pitch. Enter a C4 (middle-C, MIDI note 60) and Dorico shows a middle C. A Glockenspiel will sound two octaves higher: C6.

If you enter notes from a standard MIDI keyboard, Dorico interprets that as the sounding pitch: enter a middle C for a Double Bass, and Dorico will show the note an octave above. Enter a Glockenspiel note for middle C, and Dorico will show you a note two octaves below.

(C2 is lower than C4.)

Is there a way to change this so Dorico registers written pitch input from midi keyboard?

Easy one: pick a piano instead of a glockenspiel and change the instrument label… Why would you want to do that?
ps: or follow Estigy’s solution by tweaking the HALion instrument two octaves down…

It’s interesting to me that Write > Input Pitch > Written Pitch does not work with octave-transposing instruments. I guess this is consistent with the fact that their notation is not affected by the Concert / Transposed Pitch switch either. But it is confusing.

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Completely agree. I would love to be able to enter octave transposing instruments at written pitch just as I can every other instrument that transposes at an interval other than an octave.

No offence meant. There are of course, different systems for defining pitch. One has middle C as C1 for example. Its simply that from what I’ve seen, one of the most common sytems in use designates middle C as C4. Sorry if I misunderstood your context🙂