Glue multiple events => please keep crossfades

If you select multiple events with crossfades between them, then you click with -glue tool- on the selection, all the crossfades are gone (except the first one). It would be great to keep them !
(Workaround = bounce events to a new audio file…)

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Perhaps Grouping the Events instead of Gluing them would work better for you.

I agree with your request. I can recreate the issue.

Gluing Audio Events with crossfades should retain the crossfades.

EDIT: Forget what I previously wrote here, If you already read that…
I confirm that the glueing of more than two multiple crossfaded events correctly result in a part, but inside that part the crossfades are (partially) gone and replaced by normal fade in/outs, except the first one.

This should be tagged as “issue” imho.

This issue also exists in C11, by the way :rofl: Seems like no one really uses parts any more…

*** me! “grouping”. Another Cubase function I never noticed and used so far :smile: You’re never too old to learn… thanks, raino!

I use Audio Parts all the time

I created an entry in the Bug WIKI. If anyone affected by this bug could create a support request at Steinberg (e.g. with a link to this thread) just to get it into the bug database (if it isn’t a known issue already). If you receive an CAN number, could you please add it to the WIKI?

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One cool thing about Grouping, unlike Gluing, is that the items being Grouped don’t need to be of the same type. You can for example Group some Audio Events, MIDI Parts & Automation data all together.

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Yes Raino, you’re right, sometimes I use Grouping for other tasks.
In fact, I need gluing because I created a macro that generates a cycle marker for each container on the track. I can’t do that with grouping.