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List of current issues

ID # Area Issue
CAN-41894 Editing Splitting an Audio Event before its Snap Point makes the newly created Events to have their Snap Points at the end.
Link : Splitting before Snap Points issue
CAN-42561 Editing Toggling Musical Mode on Events whose Snap Points are at the end makes them move away from their original position.
Link : Musical Mode : Snap Point offset issue
- AudioWarp Using real-time Pitch or Time processing leads to processing inconsistencies between two identical audio files.
Link : Phase/Processing issue with Transpose, Time stretching and AudioWarp
CAN-42284 MIDI Toggling Solo on Folder Tracks that contain MIDI Tracks causes MIDI Chase to retrigger the notes even though they are already playing.
Link : MIDI Chase issue with Folder Tracks
CAN-42201 Plug-in In Frequency, tweaking bands Gain when Auto Listen is enabled causes a long delay before hearing the actual gain change.
Link : Frequency : Auto Listen, Gain change delay
CAN-42170 Visibility Hiding channels that are snapped to the left and right zones of the Lower Zone MixConsole does not hide those channels.
Link : Cannot hide pinned channels in Lower Zone MixConsole
CAN-42303 Sample Editor Scrolling vertically with the mouse wheel in the VariAudio Window is massively slower compared to C11 or the MIDI editor in C12.
Link : Scrolling in VariAudio is broken/slower
CAN-42304 Sample Editor Sample Editor resets Windows Layout and Left-zone Inspector has to be re-opened every time when opening the Sample Editor Window when “Definition” Tab is active.
Link : Sample Editor not saving Window Layout
- Stability Enabling GPU Acceleration on Mac can make text to change font and become illegible.
Link : GPU Acceleration causes text to be illegible
- MIDI Remote Shuttle Play Speed isn’t working properly with MIDI Remote.
Link : Video showing the race using the new midi remote scripts
CAN-42406 Key Editor Transpose Palette doesn’t nudge notes by an octave when pitch visibility filtering is enabled.
Link : Transpose Palette + visibility filtering bug
testing needed
Editor On projects with time signature changes, when editing notes on the pianoroll, the chord assistant is not aligned with the position on the song but perhaps on a logical 4/4 position on the song.
Link : missing (not added by user, cannot find such a post in the forums)
CAN-42260 Direct Offline Processing Pitch Shift Processing window exhibits graphical issues when MPEX algorithms are selected.
Link : Pitch Shift Processing visual bug
CAN-42208 Editing Moving of multiple events by dragging them is not possible if incompatible tracks or automation/take lanes are in between.
Link : Dragging events keep track offset and can’t be dropped
Key Editor Legato does not apply overlap when the notes ends are at the same location as the following notes starts.
Link : Midi editing : Legato bug
CAN-42207 Inspector The Pin function isn’t working for the instrument part of the track Inspector.
Link : Inspector Pin not working on instrument part
Note : This isn’t an actual bug, the Pin for Instrument tabs hasn’t been developed yet.
CAN-42382 Visibility Find Track/Channel doesn’t work for folder tracks.
Link : BUG: Find Track/Channel does not work for folder tracks
Editing Sliding the content of muted Events is not possible.
Link : Slide on muted event bug
- Project Window Event selection is independant between the two track lists and can cause issues when Track Selection follows Event Selection is enabled
Link : Track list event selection issue
CAN-42312 Editing Automation isn’t following the event when Shuffle snap is enabled
Link : Automation not following in Shuffle Snap
CAN-42405 Sample Editor Certain tabs of the Lower Zone Editor get closed when toggling Musical Mode.
Link : Lower Zone Editor : Musical Mode bug
CAN-42280 Sample Editor The VariAudio view can vertically scroll on its own when resizing the Editor window.
Link : VariAudio window resize bug
- Backup The Keep Current Project Active Backup option also saves the current project and can cause data loss if you don’t have additional saves.
Link : Backup Project also saves origin project
:warning: Severe issue
Known issue Transport Panel Some words are cropped in the Recording Modes descriptions.
Link : Cropped text in Recording Modes dialog
CAN-42307 Project Window Automation and Takes Lanes names and controls get cropped at minimum Track Height.
Link : Cropped content at minimum track height
- MIDI MIDI CC curve nodes transmit discontinuities in tracks with track delays.
Link : Negative Delay CC Curve Issue (with example project)
- Editing Automatic Delete Overlap preference does not work when dropping an event onto a crossfade.
Link : Delete Overlaps crossfade issue
- Project Logical Editor Macros can trigger PLE events faster than Cubase can successfully process them, producing unreliable results.
Link : PLE functions too fast, causes inconsistent behavior
See notes
Editing Dragging MIDI notes from an Instrument Track to any existing MIDI or Instrument Track is prohibited.
Link : Cannot drag MIDI notes from an Instrument Track to existing tracks

Notes : This issue got reported to the Support, but got told that it wasn’t an issue. The person failed to reproduce it properly, responded to use the forum for feature requests, then closed the discussion.
CAN-42401 Recording Replace Record Mode causes the recording Event to disappear when Cycle is enabled.
Link : Replace record mode + Cycle graphical issue
See notes
Sampler Track Vingage quality in Sampler Control takes over AudioWarp mode.
Link : Sampler Control Vingage + AudioWarp bug

Notes : This issue got reported to the Support, but got told that it wasn’t an issue. The person didn’t even try to reproduce the issue, and did not forward it.
CAN-42404 Sample Editor Sample Editor Definition tab resets the waveform Vertical Zoom level when selecting Events
Link : Definition tab zoom reset bug
- Sample Editor Toggling Musical Mode can cause the Sample Editor to perform a zoom out under specific circumstances.
Link : Sample Editor + Musical Mode zoom out bug
CAN-42403 Inspector The scrollbar is missing from the sample editor Inspector, and we cannot scroll with the mouse wheel either.
Link : Sample Editor Inspector missing scrolling functions
- Project Window Instrument and Sampler Track no longer reflect Muted state upon enabling the track.
Link : Vst Instrument bug?
CAN-42386 Sample Editor Hovering above value numbers with the AudioWarp Edit tool in the Sample Editor makes them get erased.
Link : AudioWarp Edit tool erases text in Sample Editor
CAN-42798 Sample Editor Audio Editor has lost the semi-transparency - Foreground Clip in Sample Editor is no longer transparent (compared to Cubase 11) and makes aligning tasks more difficult.
Link : Opaque foreground Clip
CAN-42489 AudioWarp Stretching the waveform with the Free Warp tool causes it to be displayed improperly at various zoom levels.
Link : Free Warp waveform stretch issue
- Sample Editor Lower Zone Sample Editor Inspector Tabs get closed automatically when doing specific actions.
Link : Sample editor closing tabs bug
CAN-43222 Render In Place Render in Place incorrectly renders channel pan settings into audio after the first event when rendering multiple MIDI parts and “Dry” Processing.
Link : Render in place incorrectly renders pann settings
- MixConsole MixConsole History doesn’t show the disabling and enabling of plugins, and therefore such actions cannot be undo/redo.
Link : Enable/disable plugins not shown in MixConsole History
- Project Window Arranger events height isn’t coherent, and disappear when they are too small.
Link : Arranger event heights, are they completely random?
- Direct Offline Processing Flatten Real Time Processing shifts the transients to random positions when applying AudioWarp.
Link : “Flatten real time processing” NOT WORKING
- Control Room Talkback on/off state in Control Room cannot be saved in presets and gets disabled every time we start Cubase.
Link : Talkback always disabled after Cubase restart
- Import
Using “Import Tracks from Project” to import a Group that have more than one Send active only displays the first Send in the MixConsole.
Link : MixConsole doesn’t expand the relevant number of the Send slots
Known issue Project Logical Editor In Project Logical Editor, the Enable Track operation is missing from Track Operation list.
Link : Missing Enable Track operation in PLE
- Sample Editor Grid Type in lower zone Sample Editor always reverts to Bar after closing the Lower Zone or switching tabs.
Link : Lower Zone Editor: grid type switches always to “bar” when reopening or switching tab
- VariAudio When multiple Events are selected, VariAudio won’t analyze audio if there is at least one analyzed/tweaked Event within the selection.
Link : Variaudio: not possible on multiple audio events, if one is already analyzed/tuned
Known issue Import Imported tracks lack Expression maps when folder are present in the track archive or project from where the tracks are imported.
Link: Cubase doesn’t import expression maps from tracks inside folders
Known issue Editing Group Editing on Folder Tracks prevents the selection of multiple groups by holding Ctrl when the selection box starts or ends on an odd track.
Link: CTRL+Select (drag) bug when group editing is active
- Editing Play Tool behaves wrongly on MIDI Parts and exhibits serious offset issues.
Link: Play tool has a large offset on MIDI Parts
Known issue Project Window Trying to apply color to a Track when the “Select Colors by Name” option in enabled, instead changes the color of the currently selected Events.
Link: “Select Colors by Name” bug in Cubase 12
- Editing The handles for editing a selection of automation nodes are missing when trying to edit a Toggle type automation lane.
Link : Missing handles on selection box for Toggle type automation
Stability Tempo Detection crash/freeze. When the Project SR is different than 44.1, editing the Grid when the Tempo Detection panel is opened causes the Tempo Track to behave wrongly, and ultimately makes Cubase freeze and crash.
Link : Cubase 9.5 Tempo Detection only works properly at 44.1k
More recent link : BUG: Tempo Detection Crash / Freeze
CAN-12852 MIDI
MIDI Automation Merge Modes have stopped working as expected since Cubase 9.5.
Link : “Last Value Continues” still broken??
Additional links : 1 / 2 / 3
Known issue Editing Pressing Delete while holding the Range Selection tool will still delete the selection upon releasing the click, and causes Folder Group Editing to break .
Link : Folder Sync BUG. How to break it
- Preferences The “Suspend VST 3 plug-in processing” option in Preferences cannot be disabled, even when the option is disabled it still takes effect.
Link : Suspend VST 3 plug-in processing cannot be disabled
- Performance Editing Tempo becomes very slow when the Score Editor is open and several MIDI Parts are selected. The more Parts selected, the slower it gets.
Link : Cubase 12 Tempo Track Editor- very slow!
- Editing Crossfades shorter than 10 ms display the split slide pointer, using it removes the Crossfade, and wrong low zoom behavior.
Link : Weird crossfade pointer
- Plug-in Channel Strip EQ, Frequency, and StudioEQ have very slow parameters polling rate, making filter sweep automations sound bad.
Link : Frequency2/ StudioEQ automation issue
Known issue Drum Editor Moving notes from multiple lanes vertically in the Drum Editor isn’t possible with drag and drop.
Link : Moving multiple (different) notes in drum editor not possible
- Inspector Some visual artifacts can occur in the MixConsole Visibility tab when selecting tracks in the Project window and switching back to the MixConsole window.
Link : Visual bug with MixConsole (F3) Visibility tab
- Editing Moving two Events with a space between them over a Crossfade when Delete Overlaps is enabled makes the Events underneath to be removed entirely.
Link : Events get deleted when moving/copying other events next to them
- Automation When Automation Follows Events is enabled, and the automation is for a toggle parameter, moving the Event can cause the automation to form a gap/offset and ultimately break under certain circumstances.
Link : Spurious automation events
- Preferences “Record-Enable allows MIDI Thru” setting name in Preferences is wrong, should be “Prevent MIDI Thru while Record-Enabled” instead.
Link : Wrong MIDI Thru setting name in Preferences
- Preferences The Show Overlaps “On Mouse Over” feature isn’t working, and instead behaves like “Always”.
Link : Event Display/Show Overlaps - On Mouse Over
- Key Editor Indicate Transpositions isn’t refreshing the notes position properly in the Key Editor when using Root Key.
Link : Bug with Root Key and Indicate Transpositions (MIDI)
- Editing Root Key for Audio Clips and MIDI Parts cannot be disabled once it has been set to a key, making it impossible to exclude them from the transposition.
Link : Project root key is not changeable anymore
- Chord Track Scale Events in Chord Track prevent the chords from being dragged to MIDI Tracks when they are caught in the selection.
Link : Audio-to-MIDI-chords and export in MIDI file problem
- Preferences Show Overlaps stops working when Event Opacity is lower than a certain value.
Link : Show Overlaps - Turned Off automaticly
- Editing Holding CTRL and resizing an Audio/MIDI/Arranger Event, or a MIDI note in the Key Editor, makes the previously selected Events/notes to lose the selection.
Link : Select/Deselect short midi notes (midi/drum editor)
- Pool When using Cycle Recording, the tempo of the files isn’t set correctly (displays “???” in the Pool), and must be set manually.
Link : Tempo in pool not set when recording in a loop
- Project Window Making any change to the Time Signature via the Info Line and in the Click Pattern Editor, causes the Grid to no longer display 1/1 and 1/2 Quantize Presets for that same time signature and for the remaining project duration.
Link : Making changes in Click Pattern Editor causes visual bug with Grid increments
- Editing Recording audio from the Project Start causes the Snap Point to glitch out and makes Musical Mode behave wrongly.
Link : Clip jumps in musical mode [on/off]
- Chord Track In Chord Track, it isn’t possible to edit multiple Chord Events simultaneously with the Chord Editor (double-click), the settings are only effective on the leftmost Event in the selection.
Link : Editing multiple Chord Events not working with the Chord Editor
- Chord Track After creating Chords from Audio, the Chord Track starts to exhibit serious performance and stability issues when trying to edit multiple Chord Events at the same time with the Chord Editor.
Link : Huge stability issue with Chord Events created from Audio (MEMORY LEAK)
- MixConsole When opening the MixConsole, an unusable scrollbar is displayed over the channels depending on the channel width.
Link : Cubase 12 mixer rendering/UI bug
CAN-43795 Plug-in Importing MIDI Parts into Arpache SX ignores the space before the first note, and instead this space is added at the end of the sequence, causing the whole sequence to shift over time.
Link : Arpache SX sequence problem
- Project Window The playback Cursor sometimes becomes thinner/black when it enters the view.
Link : Playback Cursor becoming Tiny BLACK!
Pending Editing Irregular audio-dropouts during comping having audio-warped tracks in a phase-coherent synced folder.
Link : Audio sometimes not playing when comping in phase coherent audio warp folder.
Pending Editing Automatically turned off following turns on automatically after clicking into an event with time-warp-tool.
Link : Follow turnes on when clicking on parts in time warp
Known issue Key Editor Quantize Pitches function in Key Editor - Scale Assistant does not work correctly when “Use Chord Track” option is chosen.
Link : Quantize Pitches function doesn’t work reliably
- Editing Simultaneously duplicating an audio track and the group track it is routed to results in the audio of the new track being routed to the old group despite showing the new group in the output routing field.
Link: Duplicated tracks have wrong signal chains
Known issue Automation Using VCA Link prevents the audio tracks from using sample accurate volume automation.
Link: Sample Accurate Volume Automation is prevented by VCA
- Editing Copying automation from an automation-like track that is on top of the track list creates an internal offset, that causes it to get pasted on the track above the one that is selected.
Link: Copy Automation bug
- Project Window Toggling the Track Time Base button in the Inspector when the Track Selection Follows Event Selection option is enabled, can cause the track to lose its selection.
Link: Toggling Track Time Base interferes with “Track Selection Follows Event Selection”
- Editing The audio event Snap Point isn’t taken into consideration under specific Track Time Base and Musical Mode combinations.
Link : Changing the Tempo doesn’t use the Snap Point and makes Events lose their position
- Chord Track Muting and Unmuting the Chord Track is not immediate at still makes the chords trigger when they should not (and not trigger when they should).
Link : Chord Track Mute and Unmute operates with a delay
- Import Using drag and drop to import an audio file into the project adds the wrong Event if the file have the same name and originates from the same folder than a file that is already in the Pool.
Link : Audio file drag and drop - No warning pop-up on name/path conflict, adds wrong Audio Event
- Editing Glueing more than two crossfaded audio events to a part replaces all the crossfaded except the first with regular fades.
Link: Glue multiple events => please keep crossfades
- MIDI Remote The “Go to Previous/Next Marker / Project Start/End” functions picked up from the Transport buttons to assign them to a MIDI Remote controller don’t operate as expected, it jumps two Markers instead of one.
Link: ‘Go to next marker’ triggered with external MIDI jumps to the marker AFTER next, not to the next
- Render in Place Under certain circumstances, using the Mix down to One Audio File option when rendering wrongly includes the content of other audio tracks whose Events aren’t even selected for rendering.
Link: Mix down to One Audio File incorrectly includes the content of unwanted audio tracks
Pending Plug-in When loading a project, Frequency 2 dynamic mode doesn’t properly recover the external side-chaining for the Mid channels on bands that are in M/S mode.
Link: Frequency 2 dynamics not working after loading a song
Known issue Key Commands In the Score Editor, the “show/hide Right Zone” key command doesn’t work at all.
Link: Key Command “Show/Hide Right Zone” doesn’t work in the windowed Score Editor
- Key Commands In the Drum Editor, the “set insert length” key command doesn’t work at all.
Link: Key Commands issue in the Drum Editor
- Key Editor Snap Type “Grid” doesn’t work when moving notes’ end. Instead of snapping to the absolute grid it keeps behaving as if “Grid Relative” was selected.
Link: Drag Midi note end and have it snap to Grid
- MIDI Remote Macros that contain special characters like accents in their name cannot be executed from the MIDI Remote.
Link: Macro with special characters are not executed from the remote device
Known issue Automation When VCA automations are present in the project, closing Cubase before closing the Project will make the VCA faders apply a wrong offset next time the project is opened.
Link: Reproducible VCA Automation Bug Cubase 12.0.52
- Export Export Selected Events (as Separate Events) still renders adjacent Events as a single file when Tail is enabled but the value is 0.
Link : Export Selection issue

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