Glue Selected notes

I’d like this to be an actionable Key command or a sub-option in the MIDI Logical Editor. That would improve the workflow as well. Thanks.


Also, in the Key Editor, I know 3 ways of gluing notes (illustrated by .gif):

First method:
One can click on a note with the glue tool to glue it to the next. As long as notes are available on this pitch, one click = one more glued note

Second method:

  • Select all the “to be glued” notes with a rectangle (hint, hint… lasso tool…) by left clicking, holding, moving and releasing
  • Click on any part of the selected block of notes, there you go: glued notes

Third method:
ALT+Glue click on a note. Powerful, but sometimes too powerful: all following identical pitches in the midi part are glued together in one move. That’s great unless your MIDI Part contains a few identically pitched notes you don’t want to glue.

**_Requested fourth method :

CTRL + Glue

It would be like the second method, except when you release your selection box (or lasso), all selected notes are glued without the need for a second click, the best of both worlds: instantaneity and precision

-Have your glue tool on hand
-Hold CTRL modifier Key,
-Left Click, Hold it while you move the cursor to select notes

  • Release the click: your notes are glued!_**

gluing techniques.gif

Maybe a macro is a solution.

Key command for glue is the solution. Right hand- Select, Left hand- Glue.
No changing tools.