Glue Tool Question

I have my Audio track view settings set to clear. If there’s no waveform, you can see right through the track. I LOVE this setting! To me, It makes it so much easier for editing. However, I’m wondering about this difference between the way the audio tracks respond to the glue tool, compared to the MIDI tracks.

When I glue 2 MIDI events together, I get 1 MIDI event that looks just like the 2 events when they were separated. But when I glue 2 audio events together, I now get a solid colored combined event, which I hate! :open_mouth: The ONLY way I’ve found to keep the same “clear” appearance of the combined track is to bounce it.

WHY does the appearance change to solid, when using the glue tool? :question:

Using the Glue tool on Audio Events (clips) turns them into a single connected Audio Part. You can read more about this feature here:

The question is why does it change color? This doesn’t happen when you glue 2 MIDI parts together.

This is hard to explain, but I’ll try.

It’s because nothing changes when you glue 2 MIDI parts, MIDI is always shown as a “Part” in the project window (MIDI events are single notes). Any audio you record or drag and drop into the project will be a single loose “Event”, and these loose events will become a “Part” when glued together. In other words, they become a different thing.

A Part is a container for multiple Events.

Try enabling and disabling the Transparent Events preference and pay attention to your folder tracks and MIDI parts. You’ll notice that only the colored background of the “part” is removed, the “events” inside these parts do not change. The same happens to audio parts, only the background of the part itself is gone, the audio events inside the part do not change, and these events happen to be a solid block of color with a waveform displayed on top.

Okay, I get it. Thanks a lot! :wink: