Glue tool


Can anyone explain to me what is the Glue tool and how it works?

Thank you!

Often times, the manual can answer a question like this faster than this forum.

I have already read that.
It still not giving me the answer I am looking for.
Do you have an example so I could understand the benefits of this tool?

Sure. You use the Glue tool to glue two different parts together (either edited sections of a track event or different parts/events from other tracks. Place the two parts side by side, right click of both parts so that they are contrasted in black. Then place the Glue icon over the center (division) line of the two parts/events and right click again. The two parts should then become a single part, the center (division) line should disappear.

My primary use for glue is to keep events on the same track together with respect to time.

  1. It’s common for me to end up with multiple MIDI events on the same track. I record a little bit for a verse, then another bit for a chorus, etc. I’ll usually glue them all together. Sometimes it’s for peace of mind and cleanliness. Sometimes it’s good for loading the entire track into the editor. Sometimes it’s good for making sure everything stays together if you export.
  2. I’m a little more careful with audio. If you glue separate audio events together it creates a “Part,” which can be confusing, initially. But it does keep the events together. If the underlying audio from the parts is the same, then the glue tool can be thought of as the opposite of a split.

These same concepts also apply to segments, etc. in editors.

Basically, if I split a track in half, I can glue it back together.
Is that it?


That is a use for it, yes.

You cant split a track in half.

With a recorded track, let’s say a guitar using the scissors tool.