Glueing MIDI regions with ramped CC's changes the shape of the curves

Currently, when using the glue tool with MIDI regions which use CCs set to Ramp, it can screw up the MIDI automation.

To avoid that, one has to always add another point to the lane on the border of the MIDI region - it would be great if it was automatic when glueing the parts together.


I cannot reproduce it here. Maybe my nodes are not in the setup, which would produce this.

Could you please attach the project (just this one track, no MIDI Notes)? Thank you

Glue Test.cpr (107.2 KB)
Hi Martin,

Thanks for getting back to me. Attached is a test project.


Thank you for sharing your project. I tested this in Cubase 12 first, because I was thinking, this is regression. So my expectation was, it worked different in Cubase 12. But on my side, it works the very same way in Cubase 12. Can you confirm this, please?

In any case, I can reproduce it (both, Cubase 12 and Cubase 13) and it doesn’t work as a user would expect.

Hi Martin

Yes, this behaviour has been the same since the Ramp CC feature was introduced.

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