Glyph not displayed in the score editor

alin89c - c12 project and not working (123.1 KB)
ZIP archive content: cpr file and 2 ttfs (for mac / for win).

In the above project I expect to see this:

Screenshot (from pdf printed score)

Instead, I see no red event (circle and arrow). To see it, I need to do one of the following:
print the score
open the Score Settings window
→ use Cubase 10.5 or below :weary:

Screenshot (from the Score Settings window)

I’m not moaning. I just feel that with every new Cubase version, the score editor turns into an endangered feature… Please, don’t leave out the score editor!

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No such problem here on Windows.
But this makes me think of another feature that could be added to the Score Editor:
a free drawing tool in the score. :bulb:
I will submit that.

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Thank you!

Maybe this is a Catalina 10.15.7 limitation… Would be interesting to know if Monterey or Big Sur solves the problem.

@Martin.Jirsak, I know you’re on mac. I can’t update to Big Sur or Monterey. Can you please check the cpr and font that I’ve posted? (see first post). Thank you.

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