GM Drum Map

I want to use the GM Drum Map but it doesn’t show up when I click on Load in the Drum Map Editor. What folder should I point it at to find the .drm files. I can’t find them anywhere on my hard drive. Do I need to reinstall something and if so, what?

I know I can create a drum map but why spend all that effort when it’s in there somewhere?

Thanks for any help.

Watch in HD it shows where it is in the first 20 sec

EDIT: or rather, where it SHOULD be…

Watched that video and looked around quite a bit before posting. Thanks for the reply but the GM Drum Map is not there. I created a couple of custom maps at one point and now the “default” go to folder is one of my project folders.

Anyone know where to point the browser? I think I’m going to have to reinstall something but the few logical things I’ve tried haven’t helped.

OK, making some headway. I was using my template when posting the original question. Creating a blank project, adding a midi track… the GM MAP is present and selectable.

Seems that’s telling me it’s installed (correctly) and on my drive (and selectable) somehow. Back the original question then, where is the .drm file located or how do I get it to show up again in an existing project.