GM File guitar solos weird in Halion 5 (pitchbend issue)

Hi guys,

I’ve been using Cubase 8.5 for a while now (though still a major novice compared to the majority on here) to produce my own backing tracks and have been using my trusty old SC88 as the instrument source until last week.

I have just loaded the new Absolute 2 pack and, when I play one of my standard GM Files mapped to Halion 5 instruments, the guitar lead solos sound awful because the pitch bends aren’t being interpreted correctly.

The same files work fine when I change the same track output to my external SC88 module so I’m guessing I have a setting wrong somewhere at the Halion end and, boy, are there lots of settings :confused:

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated as I’m pulling my hair out now.




Don’t worry, I’ve just found out what’s causing it, though no idea why it should.

The GM data is setting the pitch bend range to 12 semitones which works fine on the SC88 (GS Reset and standard) but it needs to be set to 24 for the Halion to interpret it correctly, it sounded weird as it was only bending the note half as sharp as it should have been.

I wasn’t expecting this as I thought the GS and GM standards would treat pitch bend the same and I’m sure someone will know why this is but at least I have a solution :slight_smile: