GM MAP always put midi channel 10

when i activate GM Map on Groove Agent it always set all Midi Notes to Channel 10. is there way to change it ?

To change it as a default or to change it once it’s happened?

I don’t think you can change the behaviour no as it was part of the GM spec I think for drums to be on Channel 10.

Once there, yes of course. Just select and click or double click, can’t remember which but pretty straight forward.

Yes, i need defaul midi channel 1 or Any, because when i put my samples in GA, and choose GM Map (to open drum editor) i always should change each note to midi channel 1 or Any.

I remember it works as it should in Cubase 9.5, but now i can’t figure out what’s changed.

Sorry, not sure what you’re actually asking.

Click on GM Drum Map, chose Drum Map Setup, click on the top number under Midi Channel, press ctrl and shift keys at the same time, and then chose the channel number you want. They should all change to that channels at once. Is this what you were asking.

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@Ricardo79 thank you! This is exactly what i’m looking for!

Happy to help,

This forum is a great place to find help like this. I’m glad I could pay back for all the help I’ve received over the years (I’ve used Cubase on and off since the Atari ST days) While the info may be in the manual, it can often be buried, require knowledge of specific nomenclature or even disappear in newer versions of the manual.

There are a lot of helpful people on this forum and almost all of them treat it very professionally.