gm midi sounds in sonic se2

i imported some midi file the other day, it came with a bunch of gm midi sounds that are nicely listed in the multi program rack,
but i cant seem to find any of these sounds in the library of sonic se2,
wondering what is happening here, can anyone explain? would love to be able to use these sounds on other tracks or projects as well
do i have to purchase a full version of sonic?

If you want use GM Bank with HS (SE too) go to option tab and in “Program Changes” menu choose “GM Mode”.

These instruments should be at the top of the list. Are you using Halion Sonic SE 2’s built in preset browser?

nothing worked, switching on gm didnt change anything, and i dont use any other browser then whats built when i activate the vst app from my cubase tracks.

tried a few times to ‘repair’ the sonic se installation from windows, that didnt change anything
finally deleted sonic se, and tried to reinstall with the cubase installers, but i have updated cubase on this pc since version 5 or such, dont even remember…
couldnt find any halion se installers with my current cubase 9 pro…
then found a sonic se3 downloader on steinberg, and while installing it i get an error as:
FCP_SMT_078_HSSE_GM_Presets_01.vstsound is missing… (and only this file…)
couldnt find anything named like that lying around on my pc …

good news is sonic se3 seems a little nicer and i still see and use the gm sounds when importing foreign midifiles…
but: i can still not find any gm midi sounds, not even in the fancy new browser…
mysterious :wink: