GM-Mode Halion Sonic Bank Select MSB?

With Halion Sonic 1.5 we have now a General MIDI back again. Great!
Program Changes are workiong fine now, but I could not find how to configure Banks in Halions Sonic and adress them through MSB MIDI control messages. Is there a way to do this in Halion Sonic 1.5?

On Emulator X with EMU Modern Symphonic Orchestra I’ve assigned sounds to Progams and Banks. This way it is possible to extend a General MIDI in addition to the articulations extensions introduced with GM2, XG, GS with further articulations on banks not used by one of the known GM extensions. This approach is the most efficient way for saving your investigations as your applications will be playable on a standard MIDI player as well as in Cubase. Of course on the standard MIDI player the Bank selects not valid for the GM Library are then ignored and only the default articulation is played. But it allows you to share your compositions with other users without need for hours of reconfiguration for each other users. An important feature in the big market of muscial education!

If this is not or not yet possible in Halion Sonic, is there any idea around how to workaround this?

Thanks, Thomas