GM Sounds

I use Cubase 9.5 which has Halion Sonic 3 SE
I have noticed that GM sounds are included of which i have a list 1 to 128 and a seperate Drum list for channel 10
Do the Steinberg guys have a list of their sounds that would be the same as the GM list ?
I notice some have Dx or SR in the title but don’t know what this means

Open the GUI, then options, address GM mode, click on a program and you should see what’s there … F

DX and SR in patch name usually suggest that the sound is 'Similar ’ to the sounds of a well known synth- but they don’t want to mention it by name. So if you come across a patch with DX in its name, it usually indicates a Digital type of sound made popular by the Yamaha DX7 synth (or similar). I’m guessing that the SR alludes to the Korg SR synth module.

Sonic has a GM player mode where it will automatically call up the proper instrument when receiving a program change.

In the Options tab you can choose to enable it under “Program Changes”.

The “Basic” Sonic Library has the GM Sounds named with the [GM prefix and program numbers like so:
[GM 001] Acoustic Grand Piano

One can enter [GM in the search to find them easily.

Cubase uses Yamaha convention, so when they say program change 1, it’s actually sending 0. for some sequencers you might need to subtract 1. Technically program changes start with 0 and go to 127.

You can also change the instruments that a PC MIDI event will call. I.E. If you wanted to use a different Grand Piano sound, you’d assign it program change 1 in the media bay, give it a 5 star rating, and lower the rating of the old “[GM 001] Acoustic Grand Piano” sound.

Here’s what the manual says about the process: