Gnossienne 1 remix

So I love one of Erik Satie’s classical pieces called “Gnossienne 1” and I remixed it into a more modern piece.
I’d love constructive suggestions

Here’s the link
instruments (samples all): guitars and pianos

you can listen to the original music here

scroll down…it’s on the right side of the page

Hi Masoomi, very interesting! I love the Satie piece, and it’s hard for me to imagine any improvement! Still, your version was great fun to listen to.

Hi early21
Thanks for listening mate,
I’m glad you liked it,

Yeah I know… well, I wasn’t going for improvement as much as having fun with something I already liked so much while hoping Mr Satie wouldn’t dislike it were he breathing right now :smiley: . Also the moods are totally different and comparing them is like comparing a classical piece with a jazz or rock piece I guess.

I wanted to also suggest listening to Disasterpeace’s remix of chopin’s Suffocation… for electronic and classical music fans :bulb: :bulb: :exclamation: :question:

Definitely an interesting take on the Satie piece, and an interesting type of recording project to take on. Nicely done.

Thanks swetch
Go on, record it if you want, and we’ll share the possible dough :wink: