Go "back" (e.g., via jump bar)?

I like the various ways Dorico offers for navigation within a score. However, I cannot find a way that allows me – after jumping to another location in the score – to go just back to the previous location without explicitly specifying the previous location (e.g., with the bar number).

Am I perhaps simply missing some “go back” option? If not, I will just have to always remember the precise previous location…


Hm, using multiple tabs with the same layout is another workaround…

Update: Using multiple tabs of the same layout does not quite work for jumping forth and back between different locations in the score for me, because when starting the playback in one tab, then the location is changed to the playback location in the other tab as well. Perhaps this can be disabled somehow, but I did not yet find out how.

@torsten_anders You can disable Follow playhead with the switcher on the bottom right of the Dorico Window, so that the second splitted tab remains in its position if you playback something in the first tab.


Thanks, that helped.

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