go back to 8.0 from 8.0.5

Does anyone know the best way to go back to 8.0 from 8.0.5?

Control Panel->Windows Update->Installed Updates
Scroll down to Steinberg Cubase 8
Select the program and hit Uninstall

… and don´t forget to reinstall C8 -you drop it following that above mentioned manner…

You can just uninstall the update in the Control Panel without having to reinstall anything.

Control Panel/ Uninstall/View Installed Updates.

did you do that in deed?
I tried to uninstall the “Update” in “installed updates” and it uninstalled the whole thang… -> reinstalled C8

Yes. I just tried it now and it rolled back to 8.0.

you´re a happy man then … may be you did a fresh install of C8 … I just installed the Update C8.0, then updated to 8.0.5 , which did not show up in the Installed update list ,despite I had to read read the Cubase 8.0.5 build blabla in C8`boot window …things happen -others too