Go To does not change caret location

My expectation upon doing a Go To (bar / page / flow) is that the caret would re-position at the start of the bar / page / flow. AFAICT this is not the case. You need to explicitly click in the bar / page / flow - otherwise if you hit play it’s starts playback where you previously were.

I guess there are some edge cases where this might be desirable - but otherwise I find it unintuitive to have to do two actions.

Am I missing something - is there a setting which says “re-position caret after Go To”?

Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere - I could not find anything.

I’ve requested a change to this behaviour, albeit not on this forum. No, there’s no way around it at the moment.

I would like this too. For some reason I’ve not yet pinned down, the score often doesn’t even go to the go to location.

The score certainly does move to the specified location, but it certainly doesn’t move the caret. We’ll consider that for the future, though.

I think I’d find that useful too, please; though not a huge priority - as you explain, Daniel :slight_smile:

After all, once there, it’s .34156 of a second to click in the bar…

Mark, it’s a bit longer than that if neither of your hands are anywhere near a mouse, and you’re otherwise working without a mouse.

Leo - it is, I admit. For me it’d be half an hour with a trackpad :frowning:.

I’m very impressed that you’ve timed it to that level of accuracy. . . .

If they can just get it to 3.141592, it should be easy as pi.

In fact, Derrek and @eheilner, the difference between .34156 and 3.141592 is the ‘c’ and the ‘k’ (as in centrum and kilia) necessary to piCK up the mouse before resting the caret in the bar in question.