Go to Flow in Dorico for iPad

Hi! I was wondering wheter there has been any developments regarding this ‘issue’. Furthermore: when in write mode, I am sometimes ‘transported’ to an entirely different flow (usually when zooming). Anyone thoughts on how to avoid this?

Welcome to the forum, Marieke! [Reference to other thread deleted] Nowadays we have Go To Bar… which includes flow selection. You can also click on a flow’s card in Setup mode.

As for the display scrolling when you zoom, Dorico tries to keep any selection in view. Try selecting a note or a bar before you zoom.

Haha did not see the date! Thx for the response…Go To Bar is giving me some problems though. When pressing Cmd+G I get te result shown in the attachment…it just stays this way…thoughts? :innocent:

Hi Marieke, welcome to the forum from me too. It looks like you’re using Dorico for iPad. I find that the Go to Bar dialog appears and works OK for me – what version of iPadOS are you running, and on what model of iPad?

I got an IPad Pro (5th) and iOS 15.6.1

Ok now I’m freaking out a little…I thought, hey let’s reinstall Dorico but now all my projects are gone! The were set to save on my iPad, but I can’t find them


regarding keeping up to a newest version of an App (in iOS on an iPad), go to App Store to check wether there are updates to your apps. Do this by tapping onto the icon of your account - it is at the top right). Then drag the screen down (this will connect and will check on new versions of your apps). If you then update to a newer version, every private file and setting of that app will be kept. So it is always advisable to just update to the newest version. You can do it with absolutely no fear of loosing something.
regarding reinstalling, if you delete an App (to reinstall it afterwards), first you will get (as far as I remember) a warning dialogue, that you will lose all personal files and settings, when proceeding. At that step, one will have to decide, wether one wants to proceed…

The Go to bar still doesn’t work…any thoughts?

I can only invoke the jump bar if I connect an external keyboard. Pressing J would display the Jump Bar in Command Mode; I can type commands, like “Split Flow-Enter” and that way do things which are not accessible through the regular menus in the iPad version.
If I change to the Go To Mode (with Ctrl-2, if I remember), and start inputting “b48-Enter” (to Go To bar 48), a note “B” is being played…
If I type “f5-Enter” (to Go To flow 5), the note “F” is being played…
It seems, one does stay in Note input mode.

I don’t have any bright ideas at the moment, Marieke. I’m going to ask my colleague who has an iPad Pro (though it’s an earlier generation than yours) whether he can successfully open the dialog on his device. It’s definitely opening OK on my iPad Air 4th generation.

Daniel, I tried to make a screen recording, but this time I can’t get the Jump bar to change to GoTo Mode without tapping.
I had a look at my iPad-Dorico-Preferences-Key Commands.
There it shows the commands Meta-1 (for Jump Bar, Command Mode)
And Meta-2 (for Jump Bar, Go To Mode).
The other day these commands worked with Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2
But not today… I don’t seem to be able to change Jump Bar Modes with a connected keyboard… or at least I don’t find it…

You quite probably cannot do that on the iPad at the moment, but let’s not lose track of Marieke’s problem.

Cmd + G still doesn’t work, but I can use pressing J , and choosing Go To works with bars (B40) and flows (F3) so that’s great! Tnx!


[added] I just noticed, there might be a misunderstanding from my side: if I have a look into the Dorico for iPad version 1.2.0 web manual, it describes a “Go to Bar” dialogue, invoked by Cmd-G

Using the Jump Bar is a different thing, a different method to get to a certain Bar or Flow of a project - that’s why there is confusion.

You’re repeating what I was doing…

And I didn’t change the command, it says so in the documentation:

That’s not working, but the Jump-thing is so that’s cool

Oh haha typing at the same time

Daniel, if I press Cmd-G on my iPad via external keyboard, I’ll get the same frozen black screen, like Marieke does.
Dorico is the newest version
iPad is the Pro version 12.9 inch 5th generation
IOS is version 16.5.1
Just to let you know…
I managed to get out of the black screen by pushing the bottom right corner of the Dorico window inwards. I ended up in a dialogue, where it said something about filtering instruments - one I had not seen before.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.8 MB)