“Go To Next Flow” - unable to set key command

no response - same with :“Go To Previous Flow”

  • very frustrating… I intended to use these shortcuts very frequently in a large project…
    we should already have these…

Hi John, welcome to the forum. Are you trying to set it using the jump bar alias, or standard key commands?

What key commands have you tried? When you say you’re unable to set the key command, what do you mean exactly?

Standard key commands appear to work fine here, albeit not in Play mode. In addition to Dan’s questions, which mode are you trying to use these key commands in?

Thanks to you both - I am just trying to set ordinary keyboard shortcuts for what should be built-in navigation, not using the jump bar. I don’t want to have to press a lot of keys simultaneously ; I tried pressing various simple combinations and nothing would add; not even a warning that it’s already used by the program.
If anyone on here knows of a good, simple key combination that isn’t already built into the defaults, please let me know.

Forgive the basic question, but do you know how to properly set key commands? I’ve just tried Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P (on a whim) and it works fine.

The docs said that these two (“Go To Previous Flow” and “Go To Next Flow”) would work in all modes - but I don’t want to have to go into a menu do do this common navigation.

just tried those exact keys and “press shortcut” but nothing.

Thanks Dan - I got it working - I think I had skipped the “add shortcut” button before, assuming that "press shortcut? would be enough.
All is well and I’m quickly switching between flows.

Assuming you were referring to this page: Going to flows
it says that these commands work in Setup, Write and Engrave modes. You should therefore not expect them to work in Play mode or Print mode.