God in heaven

Hallowed be thy name make it three clicks to go from engrave mode to write mode please…
or four.

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Never fear, my child. Thou mayest uncheck this box, verily.



What you are searching for you will get (Matthew 7:7)

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Made my day… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I keep laughing anytime I’m looking back at your post, Dan… You should make a career out of this… :wink:

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Is this the first time “verily” has been used on the forum? Good one!

Makes me think of the scene in The Court Jester where we hear the rhythmic chant, “Yea, verily, yea.”

That said, it reminds me of the fake ad (this is for the Americans on the forum - might not make sense to those outside the US) that states:

“If you have dated someone who uses the word “methinks”, you may be entitled to compensation.” :laughing:


Enough, forsooth!

(Or is that foresooth
or four sooth
or four sooths?)

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Sorry , couldn’t help myself…

Vessel with the pestle
Flagon with the dragon
Brew that is true
Pellet with the poison… etc, etc…


(sorry, so sorry… back to where you were folk…)


I think we should moisten his lips with the vigorous wine, but after bepluming him and helmeting his brow of course

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Got it. Good?

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Awesome. Thanks so much Dorico. It really is amazing. I suggest something and they literally rewind time to put it in there to please…