Going back to 5.5.5

Since I installed 5.5.6 Nuendo has had several unexpected crashes. Before 5.5.6 I have never had any problems.
Can I revert to 5.5.5 or do I have to reinstall the whole thing. Is it enough to re-install 5.5.5 only?
I also saved a few projects with 5.5.6. Will I be able to open them with 5.5.5?
Any help appreciated.

You would need to uninstall and reinstall. In my experience 5.5.6 projects have reopened in 5.5.5.

What were you doing when the crash occurred? What OS are you on? What was the error you received?

The crashes happen randomly. I don’t get any error, Nuendo just freezes for a few secs and then shut down.
I work on an old Quadcore and Vista 32bit. It is a very stable system. Never had any problems since Nuendo4.
I am investigating plugins and other stuff before I roll back.

Hi, have you found the problem ?
I’ve run 5.5.6 at home on some small projects and seems ok, but i’m hesitant about installing it on my work computer since 5.5.4 runs quite stable.

5.5.6 seems usable but definitely more unstable than 5.5.5. Until then, I have never had any crashes for years. Computer is running many hours every day. Now with 5.5.6, I have the occasional crash, one every few days. Someties more. Can’t find a cause. I removed many plugs but nothing has changed.
I don’t want to go back to 5.5.5 because I don’t have the time to re-install the whole thing.
I could uninstall the 5.5.6 update but I am not sure it is safe. I don’t know if Windows performs this task properly. It might cause more harm than good.
If you don’t need the 5.5.6 fixes, stay with what you have installed at the moment.