Going back to Cubase 7.5


Is it possible to go back to Cubase 7.5? I’m having so MUCH trouble with cubase 8, it’s crazy.
I just can’t work … It doesn’t let me, its crashing like 30 times a day. Nothing works normally. :imp:
I really want to go back to 7.5, so is it possible to go back after upgrading to 8? If yes, where can i download 7.5, i can’t find it, i only see the download for 8.


Have you tried wiping the slate clean with an uninstall and reinstalling? - Possibly something got hosed when you installed.

The place where your looking to find CB 7.5 is for sales! They only post (normally) the latest version there. If you go back to the main menu under “support” and then go to downloads, you will find a place to get just about anything Steiny ever produced.
Here is a link to the page your after:


When cubase 8 just was released the first day, i did a whole new OS install. After all those problems i’ve reinstalled several times and did another clean OS install, but nothing helps. After 8.0.5 came out it didn’t fix the issues either. I mainly have crashing problems, but sometimes it’s also really laggy. all VST2 plugins just don’t work, they’re all lagging while vst3 plugins are fine, but sometimes cubase crashes when loading in a plugin. Also it always crashes when closing cubase. But i want to continue my work, so i guess the best thing to do is sadly go back to 7.5. But my dongle has a Cubase 8 license now, so i was wondering if 7.5 still works.

Yes I do believe 7.5 will run with your license key. If I recall right, once you own say a license for 8, then you can install anything under that and it will work ok.

I see on your reinstalls. I would be looking to go back too!


Ah that’s great, then i’ll just download it, Thanks! I hope my projects made in 8 will work in 7.5. But i don’t think so.

I have both 7.5 and 8 installed. I can in fact run them both at the same time.

You can open an 8 project just fine in 7.5. When you save it will become a 7.5 project. If you used any features in 8 that are not in 7.5 (like track disable) it will just ignore them, but later if you open it again in 8 it will remember and use those features again.

In theory may be. Reality NO
Here is what I experienced last night that was no fun and in the middle os a session tracking drums.
I’m still working in 7.5 while learning 8 better and waiting for bugs to be fixed.
On Monday I clicked on a project and it automatically loaded in C8 the default. It was my mistake.
After the file loaded which took forever I exit C8 WITHOUT saving.
Last night when I opened the file in 7.5 to track drums, guess what, it crashed on every time second pass through the song when I hit record. The other songs in the session worked as expected.
So beware…I wasn’t a happy camper I have to now export all the audio into a new 7.5 project.



Mmmm thats weird, I just installed 7.5 and i’m having no problems at all opening all projects i have. The ones that are made in 8 work fine in 7.5

FWIW I’m going back to 7.5 (and Nuendo 6.5) as well. I’ve tried twice to work with Cubase Pro 8 - once shortly after launch and then again spending a day with it today - and for me personally there are still far too many issues.

I guess I’ll give it another look when the 8.0.10 maintenance release comes out, but realistically suspect it might be 8.1 before it’s really ready to be used in earnest.


Yes, anything under 8 will open fine and unless you deleted it, 7.5 should still be residing on your HD. I’ve also reverted back to using 7.5 for now. I think any issues I might be having are due to Yosemite as even 7.5 doesn’t operate as smoothly as I remember it did before the OS upgrade (I upgraded to be “more compatible” with 8). The common issue for me between the two releases are mainly graphics hiccups. Because I do a ton of micro VO editing, the deal-breaker is the “cursor/zoom bug”. Not going back to 8 until that’s fixed.