Going backwards! What Mac OS and Cubase version??

Hi All,

Catalina and the latest release of Cubase is not working for me. I’ve got projects on the go and my setup is too unstable. FYI - I’m a long time Cubase user (15 + years).

I’m more than ready to wipe my Mac, install a new OS and Cubase (plus plugins, VSTi’s, etc., etc.).

Thoughts on best combo of Mac OS and Cubase release?

I just want to make music again.

Cheers to all!

High Sierra + Cubase 10.0. There isn’t anything in 10.5 that appeals to me enough to put up with the 10.5 headaches. Apple has added nothing but headaches to MacOS for music production since Mavericks.

Don’t remember what OSX version that was in use with cubase 8. But both Cubase and OSX have been more problematic and slower for each version.

High Sierra , 10.5 works fine for me.

Disclaimer: I’m not a big MIDI guy. One I lay down and edit a track, it gets bounced to audio, so…

Hi Ken – curious what your setup is like? In 10.5 my virtual instruments are slow to load, Izotope plugins are problematic (not all, but some), Waves are OK. Under Catalina, my system overloads, spikes and basically falls apart with both large and small projects.

I do like the new features in 10.5 - but can’t afford to keep testing as I have to get back to work.



Late 2012 Mac Mini (the good one :mrgreen: ) 16G RAM…MacOS boots from, audio apps and associated libraries, etc all from an external SSD, all audio to and from a different SSD, via a USB 3.0 bus gizmo.

The 5400 spinner drive is still in there, but hasn’t been used except to BootCamp a PC program I’ve got to export files to Cubase or ProTools.

Audio interface is a Jurassic (by today’s standards) RME Fireface 800…if need be I lightpipe 8 or 16 additional channels, so I can input 24 tracks at once ant not break a sweat.

Hope this helps

Man, tell me about it. Never thought i’d hop onto a Windows machine, but i got sick with Apple and left the platform last year. Crazy to think of the devices that failed to work with each MacOS revision. Now on Win 10, no probs. It’s insane, even firewire devices which predominately you’d think Mac would be strongest at supporting.
As a longterm Mac user it’s gutting, cause you just don’t know where they’re heading for audio. :frowning:

High Sierra - works great, runs great.

I hate to say it, but I’m considering the same - another long-time Mac user. The absurd yearly release form Apple that take 6-9 months for developers to get working, only to be followed by yet another yearly release, is crazy. Windows seems to be more stable without the unrelenting updates. And certainly costs far less. It’s as if Apple want’s to indirectly eliminate third party developers. What a sad situation Apple has created. Sigh…

Y’all remember you don’t need to buy a whole different machine. BootCamp is a beast. Put a valid Windows 10 plus whatever audio apps you’d like on an external SSD. When you start your Mac, hold the option key down until the available boot drives appear, then pick your poison.

I can run Win10 with Studio One 3 or Samplitude X…or MacOS High Sierra with Cubase 10.5 or ProTools 2018.

All from one lil Mac Mini


Back when they charged money for OS updates, it was important to get an annual boost in revenues that comes with an OS release. Back then, there were also significant new features coming out every year. But, they no longer charge money for the updates and the diminishing returns that come with each year means there are precious few worthwhile new features in each OS update and all this annual treadmill exercise accomplishes is massive disruption for users and developers.

Thanks - the most interesting part of your running Windows w/ Bootcamp. Hadn’t thought of this option. Something to consider for sure. I haven’t used Bootcamp in years.

I think I’ll try reverting back to Cubase 10 first and High Sierra.