Going Nowhere (Slowly But Surely)

Here’s an instrumental thing I’ve been working on lately. Kind of a journey through a typical day. Moments of focus and excitement surrounded by daydreaming in and out of reality. Or something like that :smiley: .


Feedback would be appreciated!


loved it !!!some great sounds and very moody in places and a slightly jazzy feel, the electric piano ( forgive me if it isn’t an electric piano ) rolling through the background is wonderful…great sound on the guitar…just had a problem with the drums, sometimes they sounded like they were playing to a different track but, hey…what do I know !, thanks for putting that up, Kevin

Nice piece! Agree with Kevin, the drums seems to be out of tempo sometimes. Not much of a melody, but nice instrumental that can work great as background music. I like it !

Thanks for listening, guys.

The electric piano is from HALion Sonic (as are the sax and trumpet). That part actually started by playing around with EZkeys, trying to get a better idea of how it works. I exported the whole MIDI track from EZkeys and then used that to drive HALion Sonic.

As far as the drums go, I was kind of purposely trying to avoid the common grooves. I’ve always been fascinated by jazz drummers and how it sounds like they’re not really even playing the same song as everyone else at times but somehow still keep things glued together.

I wasn’t sure how this tune (if you can call it that) was going to sit with others, so it feels good to get some positive responses.

Thanks again,

Yeah, this is quite a good backround/chill-out piece but as a stand-alone instrumental piece it…well, it felt like it was ‘going nowhere’ and seemed quite long to be honest. If you want it to be more than ‘chill-out’ music then I reckon you need to introduce more movement in the bass line earlier - say around 1:42… funk it up a bit more and get a bit more energy into it for a while. It sort of nearly but not quite gets there around 3mins. I can actually hear a bit of slap-style bass line happening on this one that should be working more closely with the drums. At the moment the drummer sounds like he’s on his own without the full support of the bass player!


I think you completely nailed it, Ian. I’ve only had an electric bass for about a year so I can’t really play what I would like on a lot of things. I’m more of the jackass of all trades, master of fun type when it comes to music.

The main reason I posted this was because I was at a standstill. I knew it needed something else but I just couldn’t figure out what. Your description of what it is lacking I think got some ideas kicking around. It might have to get a little more of the synth bass and ambient pad style treatment. I’m not sure :confused: .

Oh, and since you thought it was a little long here’s a special “Radio Edit” just for you. Enjoy! :smiley: