Golden Fiction (Guitar, Bass and Drums)

Golden Fiction
Guitars & Bass & Drums = Guitar Band
Please, give your comments, suggestions and tips.

Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Classic.
Guitar effects: LINE 6 pocket POD (distorsion-delay-chorus).
Simulation: Fender Black Panel, de Luxe Reverb.
Bass and drums: Cubase el 9

To me the guitar sounds are ok but lacking on dynamics and it does not sound as if though it was played through a real guitar amp. All in all it sounds very much like a digital production.

Thanks for comment.
I was surprised about the pocket POD.
It inspired me to this guitar song.
Dynamics could be better.
Bass and drums too much one level.

Hi Vanhaye, I love that you’re searching for great tones. I’m a guitarist as well, and you’re getting some good sounds. I hope you keep them coming!