Good job Steiny!

Just wanted to thank Steiny. Delved into 9 with my newly installed hackintosh, latest Sierra. Initially i was really upset that i had to make the upgrade; cause you know, if you got working hacky one does not want to mess with it. Steiny forced me to Sierra and now that all is setup again(took about week)i’m very happy. It really does run fine and no serious blacklists(except Soothe plugin)

The sampler- i take my hat off! I hated the Halion4, too complicated for messing little things like pitch env and stuff. I had Tal sampler for this simple stuff but now it’s so perfectly integrated, that i don’t need nothing else.

I know there’s some bugs and i might not be in the same mood when i meet them, but just wanted to let you know there are these good moments too. I mean sometimes i look what other daws(new/old updated) bring to the table, but the 9 definitely keep me watching away of lot of other stuff. Huge part must be also cause i’m one screen man, it’s so nice now.

Happy Camper