Good luck US East Coasters

Irene looks like she’ll be making a big mess. Stay safe everyone. :nerd:

As per a comment I read somewhere:
I know what you’re experiencing, when my sister Irene comes by our backyard is trashed too :sunglasses:

Looks like the worst is over, some Canadians are getting pretty wet and powerless currently, sad about the loss of life in the US.

Sad too the heart seems to have gone out of this lounge. :frowning:

Yes, sad indeed. :frowning:

The heart is still here as long as you guy’s are. :slight_smile:

Well said!* :sunglasses:


  • Full Disclosure: my wife occasionally says I don’t have one … and the cardiologist says mine is broken. :wink:

:blush: :sunglasses:

Lenny … you okay?

Anyone heard from Lenny/fastnloose?

He’s near the area in New York State that got the brunt of the storm.

Hope everyone is okay.

Aloha guys,
My daughter lives in Manhattan and says all is well there
but there is/was some flooding downtown.

I was relieved.

Had a neighbors tree come within 20’ of my house. Shook the whole house. I guess you can tell by the pictures my dogs are less than enthusiastic because they can’t run around the front yard. :laughing:

The top of the tree is above my dog and the garden is right next to the house. The tree is just about 100’ long and counting rings 60-70 years old.

There are other pictures here:

Good that you’re all safe, dogs included! Shame to lose such grand old trees.