If have very good news for those who are interested to use a VST/FX insert to place instruments on a virtual sound stage. That means you can place the instruments on any of 9 pre-defined (regarding mic positions, early reflections, and more) stages, and hear the orchestra inside that 3D environment!

The software (VSS (Virtual Sound Stage) has (it might appear) for some time in Cubase (I saw a video on YouTube of a person demoing it in Cubase 6), It does work on my Cubase as well (See Pic)

I also got it to work in Dorico! See Pic. I just need to play around with it to make the best of it.

My Whitelist looks like this (vst2whitelist.txt)
Kontakt 5 16out

This is a nice fx insert as it makes your mockup sound more real…like on a stage. It also works in Sibelius! :smiley:

Trust me I have no business with the company of VSS. I work for the SA Navy…but you can download a demo here:


PS: For support don’t ask me, I’m learning as well. I suppose the VSS guys and maybe the Hamburg guys who develop the Audio Engin should be able to help further. But I have had no problems yet, :slight_smile:

Keep Well
Hans Nel
VSS Dorlco.JPG

This is indeed a good (algorithmic) alternative to Vienna Symphonic Library’s (more expensive and convolution based) MIR system. I’ve been using it on and off since it came out, and it’s relatively light on resources and has been stable both in Cubase and VEP.

There is also a clean sounding VST called Panagement by Auburn Sounds which comes in a free edition as well. Worth checking out…

Hi fratveno…good to make you acquaintance! :slight_smile:

Glad you joined Pete and my discussion regarding this 3D stage topic.
Thanks, I will check Panagement out, you can count on it.

You mentioned Vienna Orchestra having something similar…I wonder if EWQL SPACES do the same thing?

Hans :slight_smile:

Hi Hans,
no, Spaces does not feature stage positioning. Magix Independence includes the “legendary” Origami reverb engine which also features stage positioning. This sounds very clean. Then there is Altiverb of course, which is probably the most widespread solution, together with VSL’s MIR. Not really conceived as a stage positioner, but Ircam/Flux’s SPAT can be used as one, and is probably the most impressive sounding device on the planet… :slight_smile:

I truly appreciate your expert advice. Thank you so much.

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Hans :slight_smile: