Good "riser" sample collection?

I’m looking for samples of synth sounds that signal: “This is the verse, but now we’re transitioning into the CHORUS!” Sounds that rise and climax. Does this make sense. Just wondering if there’s a collection out there like this.

If there were such a collection, why would you use it?

Do you want to sound like everyone else?

I work on a lot of “sound alikes” so it’s my job to sound like everybody else. :frowning:

Ceiling Duck - there’s no answer to that! :smiley:

There is a great collection thats a bit old now called Transfusion. You could use these all day and not sound like anyone else. Asking this is kinda silly. Transistion sounds would always be in the background if well mixed and also are easily treated to sound different.

Thats like asking why one would use and E-min chord : do you want to sound like everyone else?

Thanks for the post. I also heard some cool stuff on RiG Urban Workstation.

there are a lot of these sounds in almost every mixed type library now(absynth,massive,atmosphere etc) and most of the big sets have these transition sounds but you will find it a lot more satisfying to sound design these yourself and have a signature set of your own.

You need not have hundreds and it doesn’t take a lot of time to create such transitions.If you have something powerful like Omnisphere,you will find a massive amount of them already in the extensive patch library but also the means to create limitless sweeping sounds to suit your hearts content.

There specialised sets on various libraries you could consider.
for orchestral movements like this you obviously have a selection tucked away in eastwest orchestral and symphobia has this kind of stuff too.
sonokinetic has produced Tutti which is possibly the most comprehensive orchestral set ive seen to date.

For pure synthetic type,again,i feel this would be best attained by writing these has become a little too much of a preset world and for workflow i can see the validity,but some areas are still more enriching to create yourself and due to the very nature for the desire to have limitless presets for the job in hand,when you actually start making all your own sets, you will be shocked at how many requests you get saying “where can i find the sounds you used in xxxx and xxxxx” and you then get to proclaim,i could tell you,but id have to kill you lol.

start sound designing for yourself!!! go for it my friend. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I wasn’t sure what the transition sound was exactly. So I googled it… And found a nice video clip on YouTube where a guy was showing how to make your own.