Good Temple Block Sounds

Hey, All!
Thanks to DanielMuzMurray, I resolved my new player Temple block display issue, but I’d like to ask if any of you know of a good (and inexpensive) ?Temple block (set of 5, low to high) vst? HSO’s sounds good, but is only 1 pitch. I’m currently using Garritan’s World library (Asia/China/Percussion/Temple Blocks) and it is better-but not quite what I’d like to hear. Temple blocks are one of those instruments that you don’t need often, but when you do, you do :wink:

I use Spitfire’s Percussion (I’ve seen it on sale recently, it’s not one of their new releases so it should appear on sale more often now, I have shared the whole expression maps etc here, and the Spitfire orchestra NPPE uses that library!)
I cannot tell how good those temple blocks are, but they certainly do the job!

Would you consider wood blocks to be temple blocks?


Do you have Kontakt? Expensive, but a good investment.

Here’s a library for Kontakt. Also pricy, but you asked for good!

See ‘Korean Temple Wood Blocks’.

Thanks! I’ll look into that.

Thanks. I do have Kontakt, and will look into that library. Wood blocks have a different timbr than temple blocks, and i need the set of 5 different ‘pitches.’

I don’t own them, but VSL has them included with a Marimba in their Mallets III collection:

Thank you :smile:

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