Good time for a sale on VST Connect Pro

Would be nice for Steinberg to be generous in these trying times and have a decent sale on VST Connect Pro. I’ve already steered a few people to VST Connect SE and VST Transit on other forums.

VST Connect SE doesnt seem to work anyway, so I really wouldnt want to spend any money on it :frowning:

just get this
VST Connect Somebody tries to connect to you But uses an incompatable version

well, both sides need to use the same version, just as it states, make sure to get the lastest for both Studio and Performer.
A new version is scheduled for Mar 31st or earlier, cannot promise any sales action, but stay tuned.

Using vst connect SE at my end (reluctant to purchase software that doesn’t seem to work) and my friend is using the none beta performer, what else can we do?

we are working very hard to get the new iOS versions out.

Are you working on a new version for win 10?

I’m a VST Connect Power User since C7.5. But since 9.5 I’m not able to get stable connections with my clients so I had to switch to Session Link Pro. A lot of voice over talents switched to SLP because they had the same problems with vst connect.

If vst connect is for amateurs only please let me know. otherwise work on better versions. VST connect is a powerful tool if it works.

Thanks, Matthi

we are working on a version to release very soon, stay tuned. It also features improvements on connection.
In addition, we are preparing to provide ADR related features asap.

Thanks for the update musicullum.

I have the trial version at the moment, would I be best not to purchase it if you have a new version imminent?

check The PRO version also updates SE.

In the instructions it says - use an ‘Empty’ project and ‘Create VST Connect’. This should just work…
So will it not work on a project with files already in it? is this where I have been going wrong?


Of course it will work with any project. Restrictions are just not to use plugins with delay, also “Constrain Delay Compensation” will not work, as it also switches off VST Connect sync.
The recommendation to use an empty project and try that if you run into problems is just there to exclude all possible routing, buffering, plugins etc issues that might get in the way, and then take it from there. You can use “Create VST Connect” in any project whatsoever and that should also just work with the aforementioned restrictions.