Good vst plugin military/marching drums?

Does anyone know of a high-quality military drum-plugin? I have found some marching-midi-files but the quality is poor. I have modo-drums.

I think (but not sure) BFD3 has a library for that. The quality of everything I’ve gotten from them has been high, so I’d expect the same - but don’t have any actual experience. You might also check the KVR plug-in database for titles.

Great! Thanx. I will check these out.

I am teaching percussion and use this pretty affordable library very frequently, creating playbacks: “Originals — Essential Cinematic Ingredients
You don’t need Kontakt or any other player, it’s a standalone vst-instrument easily loaded into cubase.
Hope this is helpful

forgot that: the library is called “drumline”

I bought Drumline, it sounds fantastic. If I need midi-sequences for marching drums, can I get that somewhere? Drumline has nice patches but I think I need to make my own midi to get a full sequence?